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Upon arriving to Lethia, on the outskirts of the waters sailed the old captain. Guardian to the local town and the region as Kiba arrives. The old mans black scaled Gyrados rises from the cold waters as he steps up onto its head and approach Kiba. He studies Kiba with a cold stare before pulling out his cog pipe and lighting it. "Traveler, are you here to participate in the contest or are you here on merry travels?" He stands there patiently, looking over Kiba from above.


Shadoan agrees as he takes a can of repel and sprays the area. As the night sky slowly rolls in, Shadoan gathers fire wood and sets it aflame for camp. He then rolls out his sleeping bag and releases his pokemon. Stella, Light, Avaith, Ulla, and Jev. Stella rushes over and cuddles up to Light as he lays onto the ground to seek out into the night. Avaith walks over to rest behind Shadoans back as Ulla perches herself in while Jev attaches himself to the same tree to eat sap. "Grubs on." Shadoan pulls out a tub ful of berries and feeds both his companions and himself to them. "...So....How did you start your journey Jack?"
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