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Jack Davis

It didn't take long for them to gather firewood and get a fire going. Jack pulled out his sleeping bag and rolled it out. Jack noticed Shadoan pulling out his pokeballs and opened them up. A Quilava, Umbreon, Heracross, Wingull, and Evee appeared around Shadoan. The Evee and Umbreon were already cuddling and the other pokemon were doing their own different thing. Jack pulled out his pokeballs and also released his companions. Almost immediately Charlie moved to the nearest tree away from Shadoan's pokemon and fell into his meditative state, and of course, Echo had followed him and was sitting next to him every so often giving a nervous glance at Shadoan and his pokemon. Alpha gathered Bravo, Delta, and Foxtrot around him and doing what he did best, tell them what they were doing next.

Jack fished through his pack until he found the pokemon food and the plates for his pokemon and began to put the food in each bowl. His pokemon waited patiently as Jack filled in the bowls and were still waiting after he had finished pouring the food, they knew better than to try and get their food before he gave them permission.

"...So....How did you start your journey Jack?" He heard Shadoan ask. Jack shrugged, "I guess like most trainers do. I went to a professor and wanted a pokemon. I was earlier than the other trainers so I had a wider array to choose from. I saw a Drowzee and wanted it. The first few days with Alpha were pretty hard. He was a psychic and I was just a human. It wasn't hard to see who was the dominant one in our relationship. It was two weeks in when I just had it. I actually wanted to quit because Alpha was such a hard-a**."

The Hypno looked over and shouted something out. "Yeah you were!" Jack shouted back, "Anyway I remembered how my father got me to respect him so I started doing the same thing. I set ground rules and anytime Alpha disobeyed them I punished him. Called him back into the ball and wouldn't let him out until I felt he had served his time. It took some time but I gained his respect and now here I am."

Jack looked back at his pokemon, "Alright, dig in guys." His pokemon grabbed their bowls and instead of making a sloppy mess they ate the food at a moderate pace. "I have rules for everything. It helps to establish some order. So, what about you?"
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