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Jack Davis

Jack smirked, "Well, Psychic and Ghosts, at least right now. I just like psychics, ghosts, and dark types. I find them... fascinating. And of course they are different. Just take a look between Alpha here and Charlie over there." The Kadabra glanced up at his name and upon seeing the attention he was getting, simply closed his eyes yet again. "Charlie... and I guess Echo also, don't get along well with others. Alpha, as you can see, is the ringleader. Oh, and Bravo, no tricks on these guys. We're traveling with them." The Banette looked up and gave a wild chuckle with a thumbs up before she turned back to her food.

"You don't have to worry about Delta and Foxtrot. They're pretty harmless. Apart from that they are all very obedient. They follow my rules to the letter." Jack looked at the two pokemon that were near the back tree. "Hey Echo, come on over here, say hello." The Sneasel looked up with wide eyes, "Sn-Snea?"

"Yeah, just for two seconds."

The Sneasel gulped and quickly darted over, gave a weak hello before running as fast as she could back to Charlie.

"She's always been that way, even before I found her. Charlie is just stuck up. Anyway, do you think it'll be easy finding those starters? Grass types should be all around the forest, water types near the water of course, but I'm not sure if there are any areas on the island that contain fire-types."
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