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We'd start off with Lyra, the mistress of Electricity. Her team would consist of a Normal Rotom, Lanturn, Emolga, Magnezone and her prized critter of Eelektross.

After that, Aquione would follow. An ex-beauty queen who's fallen out of the modelling industry and into the Pokemon League, her Water critters are an attempt to prove her legitimacy in this field. Her tearm would consist of a Rotom-W, Swampert, Gyarados, Milotic and her prized critter of Ludicolo.

Firenze would come after Aquione. A professional MMA-fighter who moonlights as an Elite Four member, he's got mad skillz when it comes to Fire. His team contains a Rotom-Fire, Infernape, Chandelure, Houndoom and his prized critter: Ninetales.

The final E4 member would be Graham. A landscape gardener in his spare time - he's the master of Grass. His team's all about a Rotom-G, Cradily, Torterra, Whimsicott and his prized critter: Ferrothorn

The Champion would be Thomas: lover of Rotom. His team would consist of ALL THE ROTOMS! (So, Normal Rotom, Rotom-W, Rotom-Fire, Rotom-G, Rotom-I, Rotom-Flying)

That was fun! :D And yes, I have a thing for Rotom.