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黒心 キバ


"Traveler, are you here to participate in the contest or are you here on merry travels?"

Kiba stood up on the Lapras' back, looking into the eyes of the man who approached. He held the egg in his arms, and the Arcanine beside him stood and stretched, noticing the upcoming shore. A Meloetta stood by Kiba's leg, watching the man and the Gyrados with curiosity. Kiba spoke, his voice deep yet at the same time calm and gentle. "Why am I here? Hm..." Kiba gave it some thought, before speaking once more. "I suppose I'm searching for adventure, and new people, and maybe new friends..." He gave a gentle faint smile to the Arcanine and the Meloetta.

The egg remained nestled in his arms, and he kept it held safe. The Lapras sang a note or two simply for the amusement of doing so. Kiba smiled softly and petted the head of the glittering purple Lapras. He then looked up at the man on the Gyrados, and bowed forward politely, in introduction. "Konnichiwa. Watashi no namae wa Kiba desu. My name is Kiba."

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