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Caedmon Yeonart

The city was eerily silent, save for the far clattering of the various patrolling knights’ armor scraping against one another, the darkness seeming nearly total, had it not been for the large, bright moon resting near the edge of the sky, preparing to settle down and make way for the sun’s brilliant rays.

Caedmon always loved this; Sitting atop one of the houses, with his legs over the side of the roof, staring up into the sky as he awaited sunrise. He always did this. Got to bed a little early and got up in the middle of the night to go out on patrols, help out with guard duty, or handle a curfew-breaker into a nice, cozy cell.

As he had gotten up this night however, he knew that he wasn’t going to be able to enjoy the sunrise as he usually did, having to head off to that meeting with Maverick and some other knights. However, knowing this, he also knew that he would not be able to take a break to get any kind of breakfast or any food at all, which was the reason he had brought a couple berries with him to his small lookout post at the very edge of the city.

Lifting one of the berries, he began chewing on it, being careful not to let its juices run down his chin. He had learned manners a long, long time ago, and he would not show others any kind of bad side of himself, if he could help it. He had to be an example to the young knights, training to protect the land and it’s inhabitants.

A faint breeze rolled in across the city and Caedmon closed his eyes, letting the wind sweep across what parts of his furry body was not covered by metal, his hair-like appendages wavering faintly in the wind, a warm smile spreading on his lips at the feeling. “Too bad about the sunrise..”

He gave a small shrug of his shoulders to himself more than anyone else before slipping off the edge of the building, pressing the side of his foot as well as his left paw against the building’s side, using it to slide down part of the way before leaping the remainder of it, landing firmly on the dirt road, on both his paws.

He stretched out and rolled his shoulders a little, lifting the remains of the berry, tossing it into his mouth as he chewed with visible joy. He began strolling towards the Council’s building. Underway, he met a couple of knights, to which he smiled and gave a wave of his paw or a nod to, each of which either responded with a smile and a nod, or a bow and a respectful mumble.

He didn’t seem to mind either, and simply proceeded to the building, pushing the door open into the massive lobby. For a moment, he just stood there, glancing around before finally noticing the Croconaw seeming to desperately want his feet to be washed.

“Oh, hah. Pardon me, I hadn’t seen you there.” He said as he lifted his paws in turn, letting the Croconaw wash them whilst trying to avoid eye contact with the Lucario in the rather intimidating, dark blue and black armor, covering majority of his body. His head was uncovered, as it usually was. He preferred not to wear his helmet. The arm- and leg pieces weren’t connected to his chestplate, which held the Oran berry symbol right around the spike protruding from his chest. All of his armor had been created in layers, to give the maximum amount of mobility, while still being rather well-guarded. The metal it was made from was rather light, giving him plenty of opportunity to move around as he pleased.

And still, it was made to look very intimidating, which Caedmon half disliked. As the second-in-command, he shouldn’t inspire fear, but loyalty and respect, and not by his looks, but by his actions. Still, the Council had insisted on him wearing this armor as long as he was in a commanding position, and at least it gave him a distinct look, for the Mechanists to fear.

Only as the Croconaw finished cleaning his feet did he notice Maverick, the leader of the knights, trudging slowly up the stairs, towards the council’s chambers. A small smile played on Caedmon’s lips. He had always hated those stairs.

He bowed his head and thanked the Croconaw before moving towards the stairs at a leisurely pace, ascending it just like his ally had done a moment beforehand. As he reached the top of the stairs, standing outside of the Council’s chambers, he moved over to lean against the rail, waiting for Maverick to come out again, not wanting to disturb the council with what he could easily hear from Maverick’s mouth.

As he emerged from the chamber, Caedmon gave him both a friendly, and at the same time, respectful nod and a smile, paws resting on either side of him on the railing, looking rather relaxed.
“Good morning. Received our new orders, then? It’s been a while since we have had anything to actually do, though I should of course not complain. It only means the Mechanists are holding back their attacks.”
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