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When I first played the same thing happened to me so I had to download the Portuguese version then beat her then switch back to the English (not sure if they fixed that).

Here is how to still keep your game while switch to a different rom (if you do not know how)

Note: You must have the original version in a separate folder before you do this:

All you have to do is rename that Portuguese version the same as your save file:

1) Right click the .sav file and choose "rename" then "copy" (this copy's the name of the .sav file without the extension)

2) Right click the Portuguese version and click rename

3) Hold down 'ctrl' and press 'v'

The rom should be just:

4) open up the Poruguese version on your vba emulator

5) beat that trainer

6) delete the Portuguese Version and cut and paste back the English Version into the same folder as the .sav file
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