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Originally Posted by kebbles View Post
Really nice screenie, good to see progress is going goodd.
Congratulations on pick of the season :) u deserve it!
Thanks. :D
Originally Posted by Alec Empire View Post
The screenshots look pretty solid, and I really dig the Sudowoodo evolution. But the storyline needs a major overhaul. It's pretty bland. If you're going to stick with it, put in some twists, and loads of events.
But keep working on this, man. It definitely has potential. I would love beta testing it in the near future, even. :D
Thanks. Don't worry, there are quite a few things in the story I haven't spoiled in this thread. ;)
Originally Posted by Starchomp View Post
Wow Chrunch, this hack looks really good, I can see how it won 3rd in POTS! Thanks! :D

The story looks interesting. Although I wish you wouldn't use team Rocket, but oh well. I was considering using another team, but I don't have any ideas and I'd need OW's and trainer sprites for them too.

This screenshot looks very nice. I really like that house. I hope you change the hero OW though. xD I will, when I find someone to make one for me.

That text box is gorgeous, and it's good to see that you're making good use of text colors Thanks, I'll be changing the colors often, it looks nicer than black all the time.

I'm starting to sound like a broken record here, this one looks great too. But the corners in the pond don't look like the rest of the pond, as in the little white marks. That's been fixed.

I really like the Sudowoodo evolution. And Starly is my favorite bird Pokemon, so I'm glad you included it. There are a few more sinnoh Pokemon inserted I still haven't shown, but glad you like it. :)

I wish you luck on this, and I hope you release a beta/alpha soon! Thanks again. There should hopefully be an alpha soon.
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