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(OOC: i am banned from using the computer so i am using the ipad for about 1 month)

Byron looked at Maxwell and said,"Kid, you need at least say..... 30% of a whole fossil to revive it, but that revived pokemon would be kinda small. And as for Dante, we have a stack of textbooks, and didn't someone give one to you before? If not, feel free to take on from the table here."

At this point Mira was a wee bit confused. She heard all this stuff about fossils, bones mining and stuff. Gen decided to ask one final time. He wanted to ask if there really were only so few fossils ever discovered. So he raised his hand and asked,"Mr. Byron, is there really so few fossil and extinct pokemon, it seems that if that is so, then pokemon didn't really change much since like 1000 years ago right?"

Byron answered Gen,"Well kid, we really don't know. I mean, we've dug around a hundred meters down, but theres no telling how deep other fossils have been submerged inside the earths crusts and layers." he then continued,"questions over, now everybidy get to the mining section, ah... how I love mining........"
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