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Shadoan sighs as he glances over at Jack and back to Kiba. "Go back to eating Jev, False alarm. You too Light." Jev yelled out loud, complaining before he settled down and slid back down to the trunk to continue eating the tree sap. The 3 boys began to eat for a while before putting their food away and just sat by the campfire to keep warm. "My name is Shadoan and my partner over there is Jack. Were competing in the world wide Earth and sky tournament. We came to Lethia before the map we were provided with read that the most concentrate badge battles were here." Avaith raised his head from behind Shadoan waiting to be introduced. "...Oh, This is Avaith, The rowdy bug on the tree is Jev, The bird in the tree is Ulla, and the 2 cuddling over there are Light and Stella... Light is the Umbreon."
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