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Oscar felt a shiver running down his spine as the teacher spoke about the swamp and mentioned Ekans gobbling down people. He had a strong...disliking...of snake Pokémon in general. But still, the promise of adventure made him excited. And there was a certain Pokémon said to live in the swamp that he really wanted to catch. Hopefully, he would.

As soon as Hilda gave everyone permission to go get boots, Oscar slowly went out of the classroom before breaking into a run when he was outside. Better be quick so he didn't miss anything important. Glancing down at Flora, he wondered how his Pokémon would feel about exploring a swamp. Flora herself would probably not have a problem with it at all. As a matter of fact, swamps was a part of her natural environment. It wouldn’t be surprising if they would see another Oddish there actually. Arya was a ghost...that basically explained itself, and Meden...well, he would just have to deal with it.

Arriving at his dorm, Oscar quickly went inside, let Flora down gently, and then started a massive search for a pair of boots in his room. Oh, why didn’t he organize his stuff when he had the change...his laziness always resulted into these kind of situations. The boy was currently throwing out all of his clothes into a big pile to find a pair while Flora curiously watched, standing on the bed. Then he noticed Oscar throwing one of the boots into the pile. She made a small cry to notify him but only got ''Wait Flora, I'm a bit busy right now...'' as a response. With a small frown, she looked at the pile, made a heroic pose and then leaped into it.

Meanwhile, Oscar triumphantly held up one of the boots as if it was a treasure. Frantically starting to search after the other, he noticed Flora emerging from the pile of clothes with a proud smile, pushing the other boot in front of her. He promptly took it with a big smile and thanked her before putting them on. He then picked her up before walking outside, glancing back into his room. Feeling a bit ashamed to just leave it in a mess like that, he promised himself to clean it up later.

Oscar went back into the classroom and took his seat quickly without a word. He looked at the teacher and noticed the Pokémon standing next to her, but didn't give it too much thought. His eyes widened when hearing that a student was lost, but relaxed when he understood that it was just a joke.

''I'm ready too!'' He exclaimed with a big grin and raised his hand. Flora made an excited jump. Oh how fun this would be! She looked around before noticing the group of Pokémon who were chatting. Deciding to join them, she jumped down to the ground and went over.

''Hey guys! Ready for the swamps?''
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