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Quote originally posted by Cabe:
hey! Mattxy8 and wingman11, cut it now! it's right that the download question has been made a lot of times, and it'll be done a lot more. We can't make a fight out of it every time and start filling PC with ********!

Mattxy8, if you don't find a download link in the main thread don't look any further, there's no release till the moment. I say this because i see that you also asked in Pokemon malachite's thread and i think you need to know. If you still want to be more sure, use the thread search. And this are not 37 pages of crap, it's 37 pages of people speaking their mind about the game, of updates and people asking questions which we must respect a lot.

wingman11, i agree that there should be some way to alert people when a release hasn't come out but.. c'mon, it's just one question, no need to be rude and disrespectful, this is called a COMMUNITY for some reason. Do you really want people like me to come see the new posts in Garnet¡s thread and find a whole page of insults?? that would make me lose my whole interest in the thread.

Both of you, please don't do things like this again and have some respect for the developers and the members who comment. Even for each other. If you answer "no" every time someone asks for a release, you make it much more easier than you're doing it right now.

Easy people, it's not that bad...

My apologies. You see, I get quite uppity when people ignore things that are right in front of their faces and have a hard time controlling my tongue/fingers/what have you. You do make a good point, though I find argument threads to be fun to read. (Perhaps that is only a personal preference, but I digress.) However, you must admit a series of posts repetitively asking for downloads and repetitively reminding people that there isn't one would have the same affect on people. I'm not trying to build an argument out of this, I just wish to make a point, similar to how you have.

In any case, I suppose I was out of line with my rage. 'I only yell because I care' as my old band instructor would say.

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