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Originally Posted by tasmania12 View Post
This Error happened when i selected new game and went to the input name screen. It also happened when I caught a Pokemon and wanted to name it.

Pokemon Essentials
Exception: RuntimeError
Message: Script error within event 1, map 28 (Intro):
Exception: NoMethodError
Message: Section081:1274:in `pbUpdate'undefined method `update' for Mouse:Module

***Full script:

Interpreter:243:in `pbExecuteScript'
PokemonTextEntry:1188:in `pbStartScene'
PokemonTextEntry:1188:in `pbFadeInAndShow'
SpriteWindow:1619:in `each'
SpriteWindow:1619:in `pbFadeInAndShow'
SpriteWindow:1618:in `pbDeactivateWindows'
SpriteWindow:1522:in `pbActivateWindow'
SpriteWindow:1522:in `pbDeactivateWindows'
SpriteWindow:1618:in `pbFadeInAndShow'
PokemonTextEntry:1188:in `pbStartScene'

Interpreter:275:in `pbExecuteScript'
Interpreter:1592:in `command_355'
Interpreter:493:in `execute_command'
Interpreter:193:in `update'
Interpreter:106:in `loop'
Interpreter:198:in `update'
Scene_Map:103:in `update'
Scene_Map:101:in `loop'
Scene_Map:114:in `update'
Scene_Map:68:in `main'

This exception was logged in C:\Users\Troy\Saved Games/Pokemon Essentials/errorlog.txt.
Press Ctrl+C to copy this message to the clipboard.

Did i do something wrong? How can i stop getting this error when at a name input screen?
You've changed something in Essentials, which means that this error is because of what you've done rather than it being something that exists in Essentials. At a rough guess, I'd say you were including mouse support.

When posting error reports, please condense them like I've just done! There's no need to include all those spaces. Copy the error report into Notepad first, and then into your post.
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