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Originally Posted by AlexOzzyCake View Post
It could be interesting to see some different kind of clubs in the section, maybe activity based clubs? For example as suggested earlier in the thread a homework club, a support club or a skype club :3 It could have regular events and such and would really be a good way to make new friends and contacts. Other examples could be a general film club with livestreaming etc, clubs for people who want to play online games together (isketch etc?), that kinda stuff... I'm up for starting one of these clubs if someone else doesn't but it'd be nice to gauge interest first - how would people feel about a homework club or a problems/support club? Which would be preferred?
Activity clubs would be great I would think, especially clubs which are more based for anyone. Only problem is while they'd create bursts of activity, I feel they would be more "come-and-go" based things, such as the homework club. But the film and isketch sort of clubs would be great and I'd totally support that. A post your problems club also falls under the same jurasdiction as the homework club. Unless you can provide something like "Hi, I'm Nurse Joy. How may I help you today" sort of thing; a general help club, that's probably much better.