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Mario Kart 7 Online Thread

In this thread, you can talk about setting up teams, setting up private or public races and so on.
Simply join the thread and post the required details and you are ready to join.

Sign Up Form
PokeCommunity Name:
3DS Number:
Timezone (GMT):

PokeCommunity Name: Suicune™
3DS Number: 4854-6432-1809
Timezone (GMT): GMT

PokeCommunity Name: Drakow
3DS Number: 4038-6075-0894
Timezone (GMT): GMT

PokeCommunity Name: ChrisyChris007
3DS Number: 3523-2042-9495
Timezone (GMT): GMT-5

PokeCommunity Name:
3DS Number:
Timezone (GMT):

Now go and win those races!

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