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Shadoan tilts his head a bit to give what Kiba had said some thought. "You mean like a Ranger? I mean, Pokemon rangers use devices to unite their hearts with other pokemon in order to issue tasks or basic commands a trainer would use... Unless you have another method or am I in the right ballpark?"

Shadoans Eevee left to greet herself to the group. "Hi, Im Stella! Lights GF! Nice to meet you all..." Light lays there looking out into the forest as Shadoan's Quilava crawls out from behind him to introduce himself to the rest of the pokemon. "I'm Avaith, the Umbreon is Light and the Heracross on the tree is Jev." Finally Shadoans Wingull flies from the top of the tree and perches herself onto Avaith's head. "I'm Ulla. Nice to meet you all." Avaith looked back onto Light and called his name. "...Oh, sorry.... I wasn't paying attention, there were a few wild bug types near our camp.... I guess I lost track of what was happening around here."
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