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Quote originally posted by qaz015393:
the tomb & Taivas's gym looks great. the tiles looks great as well :D
Thanks Qaz! :D

Quote originally posted by porkiewpyne:
Not that I want to be mean or anything but the least you could do is to say what you did, what you saw and/or in what way did it not work.

By the way, I have to say that I love the token idea :D
Great that you support the trion token idea, its just something new I always wanted to see in a POKéMON game!

Quote originally posted by Lynch:
Um,I think u have to get rom version 1.0 if its white screen and patching stuff, If it isnt try changing Save type like Options-Emulator-Save Type.
And try switching around all of em and yet if the dont work again change Flash128k then try switching around.
Think it should work,and dont worry it wont mess up your emulator

By the way is this a Fr or Lf hack?
I didnt see.
Its a FR hack, it should been marked with a Fire Red emblem!

Quote originally posted by 1158:
I don't know how's the progressing of this hack...But here's my advice:finish the main storyline first,that might make the work faster...By the way,I'm still waiting for the next beta patiently...
Thanks 1158!

Quote originally posted by ReTAsp:
Awesome! :)

I'm not really a fan of beta/alphas but I will try this. Keep it up, mitchel!
Thanks Ret!

Quote originally posted by lewieboy124:
In that case, what is RCT and how do I activate it?
By the way, this has to be one of the greatest hacks the greatest hack I have ever seen! Loving the storyline and the tiles. :)
Thanks lewie!


Update time people! So far I'm on my way to finish already alpha 2.1.5!
So far I've put a list together what has been done and still has to be done:


every important event has been scripted and been tested!
Every map has been done for alpha 2.1.5!
Scripting costum sign scripts, trainer battle scripts!
Testing the POKépaper if it correctly respond, on each day!
In collaboration with steven, "which I'm still waiting for to get online" working on some new graphical additions
Pre-alpha testing before public release!

so far my update, I'l keep you people up-to-date!
I'm sorry for this downtime!

Kind regards,