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Originally Posted by redriders180 View Post
Complete Edit: I decided to delete my previous post, and ask something else instead
Oh wow, you guys are quite a few calibers above me...I feel sort of insignificant, but I guess I'll post my ideas.

Anyway, I'd like to implement a very dynamic script in my game...Basically, I wanted to allow myself to release events for my game. But instead of being limited to whatever I choose at the time, and avoiding releasing a new patch every time I wanted to do an event, I decided to make a spot in my game with a person that asks for a series of codes. These codes would be released by me, and the script would take the codes hex values, arrange them as necessary, do some checks to make sure the player isn't just mashing buttons, and "build" a completely custom Pokemon. This would allow me to easily decide an event, calculate the code, and release it in a post.

But my problem is that I need a keyboard to pop up, in order to enter the code. I've decided on two approaches:

The easy way would be to edit the mail input to take easy chat words and convert them into code. This would be good, since there are so many words, and I assume each is a byte value. But it's somewhat unprofessional.

The hard way would be to recreate the "nickname" keyboard. I wouldn't know whats involved, but I know emerald has one for Walda...could we port it over.

Aw man, I made my post immensely long for no reason again ._. Sorry, and thanks for the help!
Well, either way of doing things, if you want to create a completely "custom" pokemon, you're gonna need ASM.
My approach is: why don't you build a system that, when inputting some values in the ram, reads them and does things based on them?
Did you know that VBA's Memory Viewer has the ability of loading hex data into ram offsets? You could create your .raw/.bin files and ask the player to load them manually with vba.

But yeah, thats only an idea i have.



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