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Basically, we have been getting a lot of threads regarding minor questions that aren't for competitive battling. Here you may ask questions such as "Which Pokémon (or move, held item, etc.) should I use?" and "Any tips on defeating this Gym Leader?" Teams that don't include movesets will be moved here, as well as those that are not close to being finished. This thread is pretty much the in-game equivalent of the Simple Q&A Thread in the main section of CBC.

— Be sure to follow all In-Game Team Help Rules.

— Use the main forum's Simple Q&A Thread for questions regarding competitive battling.
However, questions concerning Battle Subway/Frontier/Tower teams belong here.

— Don't ask for an entire team.

We will help to complete and perfect partially finished teams, but we aren't going to make whole teams.

— Don't post entire teams.
Use the forum for that; this thread is for any other help you need about in-game teams. It's perfectly fine to ask for team building advice here, but if you already have a mostly complete team, just post a thread.