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Kiba smiled softly. "A Ranger? No, no..." He smiled, almost amused at how curious people seemed to react every time he told them this. "I don't really capture them at all... More accurately, I simply make friends. There is a method however. Perhaps I could train either of you, or at the very least show you how I do it. I prefer not to manipulate pokemon, nor do I enjoy capturing them." He watched his pokemon conversing with the others, then turned back to the boys. "As for pokemon centers... I only use them if they're nearby, or if my friends can walk to one. Otherwise, I can make all sorts of herbs, medicines, and materials from plants I find nearby. My friends know that it doesn't taste very good, but they understand the necessity for it, and it doesn't make them like me any less. If anything, they appreciate that I care so much about them. The best part is, most of these medicines can work on humans as well."

Flare bowed respectfully to the other trainer's pokemon. They all seemed to have backstories of their own. He decided he might as well summarize his time with Kiba, as well as Mello's, since she seemed so be busy with other pokemon. "Well... I was Kiba's first friend... He left his home and ran into me but he just..." He seemed to be looking for words to explain. "He just had this way with pokemon... He could earn their trust more than any other human I'd ever met, and from my experience, he actually deserves that trust. Anyways, he came from a small town in Kanto, called Lavender Town."

He looked to the two pranksters. "Speaking of which, you two said you were caught near a tower... Would that be Lavender Town's Pokemon Tower? Anyways, He and I traveled to many places, and we've seen and learned lots of things, and along the way, we found Mello as an abandoned newborn in Nimbasa city. She had been scratched and scraped as well... She must have been abused by whoever had her previously. She was too young to remember that... It was quite some time ago..." He glanced over at her, and then looked to the group. "There... Was one other..." His deep amber eyes were filled with pain as he went on. "Her name was Spirit... She was a beautiful Froslass, and very kind, but she had passed away..." Flare had lowered his head. It seemed like he was done speaking on the subject.

Mello had cocked her head to one side, confused by the Sneasel's reaction to her. "I-I'm sorry," she studdered shyly. Her soft purple eyes looked hurt by such a negative response. She just sat there, facing Echo, head lowered sadly. She had stayed there with her head down. She seemed too distracted to even notice the Kadabra's comment. After a few moments of silence, her head still down, she bagan to softly sing, a sad-sounding tune, not one to put others to sleep; a simple song to express her emotions. Mello's voice had a honey-sweet tone to it, and her soft singing could only be heard by Echo, maybe Charlie, and the other pokemon if they had payed attention.

Kiba lifted his head. "Mello...?" His voice was almost a whisper, and he looked to the direction of the song. He shushed the two boys and whispered, "listen..."

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