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Quote originally posted by Dennisaur:
*sigh* i did, then i over wrote it, but i found the work around

If you go the backway as in through the mountain then to the castle, you can skip that entire step and just continue on with the story

so i said eff it and progressed to the rest of the story, but if i ever enter leon castle i can't escape the cut scene to those two pokemon telling me the same message to go look for that pokemon, which ive tried to do a number of times but nothing is around, but yeah i beat the story idk why this is going ON! anyone want to send me the link for the v10 update and maybe that'll fix it!

I thought I have already fixed that glitch...
I'm sorry for that trouble, but thanks for a work-around.

Quote originally posted by godlesplay:
why it doesn't work on mobile ? ;<

I...have no idea... =/

Quote originally posted by bleh123:
So I have to go to the Mineral Cave in Dusk Path. But inside the cave there's this big pokemon blocking the only way, and everytime I talk to it it just says "grrr" and sends me out of the cave. What am I supposed to do?

Try talking to Kronz in Lustersand Town once again.
If it doesn't work, download the guide tool and read the walkthrough and find out what you might have missed.

Quote originally posted by Ash493:

Ever heard of waiting?

By the way DJG, will you release the mentioned version 11, or version 10 is the final version so I can play it? :D

I thought I already released it months ago... o.O

Quote originally posted by godlesplay:
ok I patched ips file to ruby rom and it works on vba but on mobile not - only white screen, what should I do ?

I can't help you on that...
I have no knowledge why it doesn't work...

Quote originally posted by godlesplay:
I downloaded ips and ups, what should I use to patch ?

extract it and read the Read Me First textfile.

Quote originally posted by lucas2:
Just finished the game, it was awesome!

Thank you~

Quote originally posted by Nemisis:
hi i love this game and its so awesome iam at the event where i get to face the 5th gym leader with zapdos right now.. keep up the good worker destinedjagold. i hope in playing more of your hacks


Quote originally posted by Mintz:
Not sure if this is a problem with the rom or a glitch or something I'm doing wrong...

but when I go to the academy and attend the three classes, the guy blocks the downstairs "battling classes" and the upstairs is open, so I go up and it does the Devon corp thing from real ruby and then i'm stuck.



I think it's more on either patching error or ROM incompatibility.
Try downloading another clean Ruby ROM and patch it once again.

Quote originally posted by RemJr:
um hi is this hack finish or is it still doing improvments......? i played this hack and iam still at the event where angelallen and devihel fighting... anyways overall review of this game is good and keep up the good work i wish u dont stop creating more of your great games

It's complete, though I may make another update, which is more on bug fixing, if however, I can get spare time and if I do, if I'm bothered to fix the bugs. =/

Quote originally posted by playplayj:
Am I the only person having troubles getting this to work? I've played rom hacks before and this one just won't play for me. HELP

Which part are you stuck on?

Quote originally posted by Zangoose23:
So I found what may be a glitch, but from reading a lot of this thread I haven't seen anyone else with this problem. After beating Vessel, Giratina, and Zah the game saved and went to the credits. Once the credits ended I was able to get to the "load my previous game" "start a new game" and "options" screen, but when i try to load my previous file it shows what look likes the unpacking screen but just says "analyzing..." but doesn't do anything... anyone know what is going on?

*It does allow me to start a new game without this frozen analyzing screen. So i'm guessing the problem is with my save file...

Probably so...
I can't say for sure...
(I know I'm no help...)

Quote originally posted by CrimsonChronoX:
Ok I'm very very confused. I'm on team earth side, and I had went to go talk to the shaman of rintah town. It then tells me to go to the pokemon league, to start an event. I go there, and no event.

Try downloading the guide tool and read the parts and locate the things you might have missed...

Quote originally posted by wNtR:
Wow, just finished the whole game. The (true) ending reminded me so much of Persona 3.
I remember when this was still in beta. I got up to beta 4, then sort of stopped playing ROM Hacks a few years back. Came back to this a few days ago and found this was on Version 11, so I had to play it. The trilogy is amazing and the story kept me so hooked on this one. :')

Thank you~

Quote originally posted by bloodjak26:
Hi, can anyone provide a mirror to download the latest version? I can't seem to download from sendspace, mediafire mirror would be greatly appreciated =D

I'll put up a MediaFire mirror after posting this...

2 questions ppl:
How do i evolve my Roselia into Roserade... If it's from sun stone where is it also isn't there a mart or a man who sells evolution stones?

The man who sells elemental stones is located in Rainbow City.

Quote originally posted by tifaluv:
What's up with the Breeze Island freeze? I talk to the grunt in front of the base, and it takes me to the Pokemon menu, and then crashes

I already edited that script there to prevent you from talking to him if you went there too early...
Anyway, head back from there.

Quote originally posted by darkrise:
I got a question, how do i evolve Sneasel? Thank you in advance.

Via level.

Quote originally posted by Ash493:
DJG, is LoG and its guide totally complete or are you planning to add something more? :D

Both are complete.

Quote originally posted by CrimsonChronoX:
I got two questions. My first one is which route do I choose to get the good and bad mode.

My second question is if choosing the bad mode will make a difference in which fakemon legendary I get to battle and capture first?

Answer to first question:
After the Dark Organization event in Rintah Town, surf to Breeze Island, and a grunt will ask you if you'll join them or not.

Answer to second question:
Good Mode: Suvir
Bad Mode: Dohydra
Normal Mode: Sprizzle

Quote originally posted by Mr Pikachuu:
I would say its the best pokemon game ever..If it wasnt for the stupid fake pokemon

Do you have a download link to one with no fakes?

Sorry, but there is no download without fakes. =(


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