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... ... ...Thanks for everyone who worked everything out for me, but I have a bigger problem. Hitting the delay. I've tried this about 2 times using a certain spread and I could never hit it right. I'm sure I had done the seconds correctly, but I could never hit the delay correctly. And about timers...I can't enter the game in the second when the timer drops down to 0 and with lots of different information on calibration, I can't decide what to put inside the Calibrated Delay/Seconds...and I still don't know how to get rid of my occasional fluctuating seconds rate. And Target Seconds and'd put the targeted seconds and delay rate you need to hit in there, right? Any recommendations on how to hit a delay correctly? I know that this would be a long shot, since people hit different delays and have their own ways, but I'll give it a shot. And about BW RNG Abuse for Wondercards...I don't get this part.

  • Hit your seed once and find the IVs you find which is the initial frame.
    • In most cases, it will be the first frame, after you calculate the initial PIDRNG frame.
  • In RNG Reporter, enter your seed and select Wondercard (5th Gen) to see the possible IV spreads.
  • Calculate the amount of advances you need to do to hit the target frame with the following formula:
(Target Frame) - (Initial Frame) = Advances Required

  • Hit your seed again, do the required advances, and verify your Pokemon.
    • Adjust accordingly.
Can someone clarify this part for me (make it easier to understand)? And also...for Shiny Wondercard ones. I also don't understand this part...

  1. Search for Wondercard seeds with the frame range 60-100, with any nature selected.
    • Wondercard IVs and PID / Nature are based off the PIDRNG completely. No Mersenne Twister RNG is used.
  2. Once you have a vast array of seeds, test each one out to see if you are able to hit that frame due to the initial offset of the game.
    • This is done by pressing the Calculate Initial Frame Button.
    • All possible target frames must be at least 2 frames after the initial frame.
  3. Now look at your target frame, and second frame directly after your target. Is your desired nature on this frame?
    • If no, throw away that seed.
    • If yes, keep that seed as a potential target.
  4. Once you have narrowed down your seeds from RNG Reporter to one(s) that have your target nature frame and seed, find out how many advances you need to do.
(Target Frame) - (Initial Frame) - 3 = Advances Required

Detailed Information on Shiny Wondercards:
  • It takes more than the usual amount of frames to calculate a Shiny PID.
  • Since the lastest RNG Reporter update (9.81) was published before we had knowledge of the Shiny Wondercard method, you will have to take a little bit more time to abuse.
  • The game generates a Shiny PID with the "Current Seed" and Card IDs.
    • Since the game generates the IVs before PID, the IVs are predictable.
    • However, the game generates nature after the PID.
    • The trick of this is that the subsequent frame will have the nature.
Can someone clarify this one as well (make it easier to understand)? Thanks and I'm sure you'll just ask me to see the page saying this again.