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You keep saying we are using nintendo tiles. You are wrong we are not using any of nintendo tiles. These tiles are drawn from scratch . They are not owned by Nintendo.

Also if you read that article she talked many lawyers and made a lot of investigation. Did you make any attempt ? I don't think so. So you are wrong not she
You really cant be that ignorant. I dont mean in the rude way either. I mean as your completely not understanding what I'm saying so i'll try to be clearer.

It. Does. Not. Matter. If. The. Tiles. Are. Hand. Drawn. The. Actual. Art. Work. IS. Copyrighted. By. Nintendo.

Here is a real life example. If i drew a picture, you liked it you could not slap your name on it call it yours and sell it. Just the same as you could not take my picture trace it onto another piece of paper slap your name on it and sell it. If you did i'd sue you.

She says she "talked" to lawyers, but her infomation is wrong and no lawyer would tell her that information either. But you can continue to be naive and think your not stealing and your not doing anything wrong but if you try to sell or profit from your project you will undoubtedly be sued.

The only difference is the color of the tiles... but like i said I give up. its your game your choice...
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