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At Byron's order, Maxwell gently flipped to page 23. Unfortunately it wasn't much more interesting than page 21. He actually skimmed through it a bit, just glancing a bit at the text and the pictures that were described.

Suddenly, a loud noise resembling a boulder getting crushed reached Maxwell's ears. It made him quickly pull his head back in an effort to try to dodge whatever projectile might be coming towards him. Of course there was no projectile whatsoever and the only thing this manuever resulted in was making Slackey lose his balance. The Slakoth then proceeded to come tumbling down from Maxwell's head and eventually hitting the floor.

"Sla..."[Help...] he said. The poor creature had gotten the air knocked out of him. Maxwell turned the chair around with a mix of amusement and worry in his face. Even though it was unfortunate for Slackey to fall down like that, it looked pretty darn comedical.

"Oh, Slackey..." Maxwell chuckled, "How you always manage to entertain me, wheter it's intentional or not." he placed the somewhat annoyed Slakoth on his head again and proceeded to see what was currently going on. Apparently, Byron had smashed a rock against the class floor in an attempt to teach the children about ores. Huh. Some teachers sure had their methods... Maxwell looked at Dante and saw that he was busy trying to break a rock apart with his pickaxe. Same thing with Gen.

Maxwell shrugged and walked up to the desk, swiping a rock and a pickaxe. Were they really allowed to do this kind of thing? Granted, Byron was the teacher and currently in charge of their... well, teaching. But there had to be certain limits to what was counted as "teaching". Although it didn't bother Maxwell any more than it bothered Slackey, he still thought a bit about it before hammering away at the rock.
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