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I have a couple of loadouts that I enjoy using.

For Pyro; Degreaser, Flare Gun, and Postal Pummeler. This loadout is just all-out annoying. One minute you're burning everyone then another minute you'd be pummeling them all, post man style!

For Soldier; Any rocket launcher (except the training one), Gunboats, and Equalizer. I rj a lot, nuff said.

For Scout; Scattergun, Pistol, and Sandman/Holy Mackerel. I don't know. I just like this loadout. I can't figure out how the FaN works, really. And the Shortstop is great, but I don't really like using it.

For Demoman; Loch and Load, Splendid Screen, and Bottle. The lucks and lols is too fun to use, especially once you've developed your aim. I used to spam stickies, but I got bored of that after a while.
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