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Quote originally posted by Renyui!:
So I've been neglecting video games for a while now, due to a hefty chunk of my spare time being taken up by studies/anime. And I've only just realized it like 10 minutes ago, when I went to post in the 'What are you currently playing?' thread, and realized I didn't have anything to write about.

Would anyone care to suggest a new game for me to play? I'm into fighters, action/turn-based rpgs, action adventurers (i.e. zelda), and anime games predominantly lately, but I'm pretty much open to any suggestion.
What systems do you have?
I have quite a few recently released games in mind for a lot of different consoles.

Quote originally posted by ShinySearcher01:
Hey, can someone who's played the game tell me whether Super Street Fighter IV 3D edition is worth getting? I'm liking IGN's review, I just wanted to hear from somebody who's job isn't to find these thing's flaws. I don't care about graphics for the most part, I'm not able to go online at the moment, I like my games to last me a long time, I probably have someone to local with, and I don't want it to be too easy, either. I've never played a fighting game before, but it sounds like something I might like. Thanks!
Street Fighter IV 3D was a pretty fun game, but it got a bit boring after awhile. This is mainly because fighting games bore me though, so if you're a fan of fighting games you might get far more enjoyment out of the game than I did.
If you played Street Fighter IV on another console and really enjoy it, then you'll probably enjoy 3D, as it's the same game really.

Like I said, it's a pretty fun game though. The control scheme is a little funky at first but they make it easier by using the touch screen if you have a hard time pulling off move through button combos. It's something you get used to after awhile though.
The 3D with it is pretty impressive, and the online makes for a pretty competitive 3DS game.
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