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Originally Posted by Projectwolfie View Post
Hum... for the mobile problems, I haven't experienced any. The weird thing is that it should work; for me it works fine on Gameboid and another GBA emulator that's based on gpsp. Perhaps you patched a bad ROM?
It's possible that your edition of Android is the one to blame... I use a Motorola Citrus. I notice some apps run differently on different phones and mine happens to be one of the earlier ones.

Originally Posted by bleh123 View Post
I think Vessel, Giratina and Zah might be a bit overpowered...either that or I should have trained my pokemon harder, because I reached that part with my two strongest pokemon being level 46 and 50.
DJG said he intended on making this the hardest game of the series, since it's the last one. Them being that high means you need to train a lot before battling them. And you are able to Fly from the castle to do so. By the time I got there, my Vulpix was lv50. She's lv54 now and is my strongest pokemon. But I also think the fact she has Drought gives me a disadvantage against the Vessel's Meltdown, since it makes fire moves stronger and I don't have Flash Fire to absorb it. So that makes him more of a challenge to me.

Just grind exp to your heart's content. You'll get there, then you'll have something to be proud of. Might I also suggest playing the chip game by the beginning forest to stock up on different items (to keep or sell for new items)? About the only way you'll really get money on there. Another intentional thing to make it harder.
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