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黒心 キバ


"Let go, you yellow monster!!" cried out Mello, who was about to change into her Pirouette form and resist, but stopped as she was released, and she too stood eyes wide at Echo's comment. She stood there, dumbstruck, as the other pokemon disappeared into their pokeballs, and finally Echo, who had once again complimented her song. "I-I..." she muttered, in far too much surprise to speak much more. She seemed so terrified... And she must have always been that way, considering how the others reacted... But then...

Flare had padded up to her, and gently nudged her arm with his muzzle, nearly making her jump out of her thoughts. "It's getting late," came his deep voice, a tinge of pain still hidden within it, "We should rest. Come on, the three of us can sleep together..." She simply noddded quietly an followed him.

"H-hey, Flare...?" Her voice raised slightly in questioning.


"You miss Spirit, don't you...?"

"... Yes. Very much so."

"Me too..."


"Did you notice the scent of the egg?"

"... You noticed as well?"

"Yeah, do you think it's-"

"I don't know," he had cut her off rather quickly, "We'll know when it hatches."

Mello nodded quietly. Kiba had sat down in the grass, and layed down in it. No sleeping bag, he was sleeping in the grass. Mello looked over at the other two humans, who had something they were sleeping in. "Do you think normal humans all sleep in those things...?" Flare nodded, letting out a large yawn and laying beside Kiba. Mello snuggled herself between the two, watching the egg. Kiba was holding it carefully even as he slept. "Hey Flare...?"

Flare rolled his eyes, then closed them. "You ask too many questions, what is it now?"

Ignoring the comment, she continued, "Do you think We'll ever see Kari again?"

"... Why do you ask?"

"She was really nice, and she gave us the egg, and she made the best berry juice..."

"I know we will. Kiba and Kari are close friends, and with tht last comment she had made, she'll expect us to return, after we've done everything here, and the egg is hatched."

"Hm..... Flare...?"

"You need to sleep Mello...!" He was getting slightly annoyed at this point.

"Last question tonight, I promise..."

"... Fine, what is it?"

"Do you think those other boys' pokemon will be our friends?"

There was a long silent pause, with the only sound being the fire crackling. "..... I'm not sure I have, but I have a feeling you did make one."

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