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I found out that many of our community members have problem with editing "ruby version" from title screen. I decided to create a simply tutorial that works perfectly for me. I've added also a lot of screens that make the things much easier. My english isn't very well and that's my first tutorial so please forgive me for mistakes

NOTE: I'll be using names for files to make the things easier. So please name your files like I do to avoid confusion.

Tools needed:
1. unLZ.GBA
2. Photoshop or Tile Molester Alternate
3. VisualBoyAdvance
4. MS Paint
5. FreeSpaceFinder

Before you start please backup your ROM!

1. Open your ROM in unLZ.GBA.
2. Select the number 1638 (it can be another number for ex. 1637 or 1639. This can occur because of previous ROM hacking) and 256 Color Mode (screen below):

You should see something like that.

3. Photoshop users:
Click on "Save as..." and save the file as Original.png.

Tile Molester Alternate users:
Click on "RawDump" and save the file as Original.gba.

4. Open ROM in VBA.
5. Skip the intro and stop at the title screen.
6. From the list choose "Tools→Palette Viewer..." (screen below):

7. Choose the "Save BG..." button and save the palette as WINDOWS PALLETE (.PAL):

8. Photoshop users:
1. Open Original.png.
2. Choose from the list "Image→Mode→Color Table".
3. Now load the palette you extracted in step 7 (choose the .PAL type to load it).
4. Your image should change like below:

Save the changed image as ColorsGood.png

Tile Molester Atlernate users:
1. Open Original.gba.
2. Choose from the list "Palette→Import From→Another File...".
3. Now load the palette you extracted in step 7.
4. Choose from the list "View→Codec→8bpp linear".
5. Now click "Deacrase Width" button 8 times to make logo look like this:


9. Now open MS Paint and create the new file (exactly 107x32 pixels if you want to have the biggest logo in the center. If you want just the biggest size of your logo, then make 128x32.)
10. Make your own logo (use the same black background for the index color). The best would be using colors similar to this included in the palette file (if not, you will need to change the palette in APE and find tutorial how to do it )
11. Resize the field (you need more space). Now select and copy the first part of your image (64x32 pixels). Paste it on free space. Then select and copy the rest. Paste it below previous part (screen below):

Then crop your changed image (it should have 64x64 pixels - like the Original.png).
Save it as LogoCropped.png.

12. Photoshop users:
1. Now select all (CTRL+A). Then choose "copy" (CTRL+C). Now open in MS Paint ColorsGood.png. Choose "paste" (CTRL+V). The colors can mess up if you hadn't used similar to this in background palette. Save the file (don't overwrite) as ReadyToImport.png.
2. Now come back to unLZ.GBA and choose "import". Select ReadyToImport.png.

Tile Molester Alternate users:
(If you anyway closed Tile Molester Alternate, then make step 8.)
1. Choose from the list "Edit→Paste from...".
2. Load LogoCropped.png. The colors can mess up if you hadn't used similar to this in background palette.
3. Save the file as ReadyToImport.gba.
4. Now come back to unLZ.GBA and choose "File→Load RAW...".
5. Choose all files (screen below):

and load ReadyToImport.gba.

13. Click "Write to Rom". Be sure too check three option like on the screen:

14. If the data is too big open FreeSpaceFinder and load your ROM. Follow the screen:

Click "search" and then copy the offset. Paste it in in unLZ.GBA's Image Offset (leave the first two "0", for ex. 00800000)

15. Click OK and test out your ROM.

Hope you found this tutorial useful
If you have any question then post your comment or PM me

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