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Originally Posted by Mac of York View Post
Using Master Balls on catch rate 3 legendaries is perfectly understandable, so just really do what you want.

Anyway, I just wanted to let everyone know that the challenges are optional... you shouldn't feel compelled to do them. If you are too busy, you don't have to do them. I understand completely. I don't want this pastime to feel like a job to anyone so if you cannot do a challenge, please don't feel down or anything. It's fine. We're here to have fun and I'm not interested in making anyone not have fun. I am open to suggestions for the club at all times (by PM if you'd prefer), so just keep that in mind. Please everyone, remember that this is fun. I apologize to all of you if I have pressured anyone into challenges and I will look towards a future will I will keep a closer eye on things like that.

Good luck and ultimately, have fun, because that's what this club is all about -- fun.
Catch rate 3 only? So...for Kyogre, you don't have to do so (its catch rate is 5)? Well, I think I still have to do so. Most legendary Pokemon are a pain in the neck...especially Roaming Legendary Pokemon! And anyways, Legendary Pokemon are pretty much powerful and the Master Ball suits their power...
And about RNG abuse...I understand the basics to doing Wild Pokemon RNG Abuse. It looks simple, but I could never do it right. The reason? Delays. Well, I kinda understand how to operate the timer now, but what you said about letting the timer update itself by inserting the delay you hit instead of the delay you were supposed to hit just got me a problem. How would you identify the delay you hit? If you use the Seed from Stats thing, well, it works...but it's a bit hard. You'd have to go to a location where you can easily catch a Level 50 and more's hard to do so and I don't like using an AR. And the Hours and Minutes part of the Seed from Stats thing, you'd put the time you started the game (or soft reset the game) into the Hours and Minutes part, right?