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Well, may as well post this, not like I'm going to use it for my other project...

Introducing my ROM Base... Again, but this time much better.

Patches to: 0907 - Pokemon Ruby (U) v1.0

You want pics too? Go here, easier than uploading each seperately and making sure they all work for everyone: Link

And that concludes that. Oh yes...

You MUST credit these people:

Nintendo (Minish Cap (Tiles), and original ROM, and Pokemon Emerald (Meteor Falls, a few house tiles, and the small tree. These are used as Placeholders until I find better tiles (apart from Meteor Falls, better in Purple!))
Sega (Casino Tiles from Sonic 2 Beta)
Bomberman Tournament (Safari Zone Tree Tiles)
The various Tool Makers (Lu-Ho for Advance Map, ZodiacDaMaster for Door Manager, Microsoft for Paint)
Pokemon-Diamond of DeviantART - The Pont Water Edge thing Tiles.
Darkdragonn - Especially for the mountains, which I modified a bit
Pokemon-Diamond (All these from DeviantART - Tiles)
C.N.C - The mart.
Teh Panda
SabfromPC - Underwater mountain tiles
Femok - Secret Base Tree
Accolade - It's a secret to everybody

Most of all, me, Banjora Marxvile.

And that concludes that.
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