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Austin smiled as it was confirmed that--yes indeedy!--it was an old pokeball. Heh. If the rest of the questions would be that easy then he'd breeze through this class! He wouldn't even need Smart Kid, whatever his name was. Hm. Maybe he should ask sometime.

Their teacher released a pokemon from the pokeball then. Released one! He didn't know that thing was still operable. How long had that pokemon been in there? That... Whatever it was. He looked down at the catpokemon that kind of strolled towards the class. Their teacher scolded it, calling it Meowth. He assumed that was what it was. Austin had never seen a Meowth before and, for a good while, could not take his eyes off of it. He looked at the coin-medallion thing on its head and, for a moment, wanted to touch it.

Hearing more speech, Austin looked back to the front of the class. The pokeball was being explained. It looked... Different inside, naturally. It didn't seem as technological. It looked primitive, just as it should have. After she finished explaining, the ball was handed to Austin. He looked down into it, eyed it, turned it around, poked at the dial. One thing didn't quite come to him.

He looked at Elizabeth, "If these catch pokemon better, then why don't we still use them?" It was probably a pain not only in the butt, but the wrist to crank this little dial thing all the time, but if it was catching better, why fix it? This pokeball probably didn't let your pokemon pop out all willynilly like his did. Pokemon would probably appreciate it more if you didn't beat them up before you pegged them with a metal ball too.

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