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Yes, I agree with ipodboqi. Using any legendary Pokemon makes the game boring. If I were you I would take out the legendaries. Looks like you are playing HG/SS because of the Typhlosion? If HG/SS use Pokemon that you never use before. You want to have a well constructed team. You don't really want to have 2 Pokemon with the same type. I suggest getting one of the Eevee evolutions Jolten would be a good choice so would Espeon, Glaceon, Vaporeon, Leafeon, and Umbreon. Flareon is fire so not a good choice. Other good electric Pokemon are Ampharos, Raichu, Electrive, etc. So you will need a fire Pokemon, Typhlosion, an electric, water, Flying Togekiss is good and Togekiss has a huge move pool, and what other 2 Poke types would suit your team. But legendaries make it boring and way too easy imo.