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The Truth


So, he thought as he turned and searched for the great mountain, the tallest mountain in Skyrim and, atop it, High Hrothgar. So the Greybeards finally have called me?

Revak remembered an era ago when he was first called to High Hrothgar. Revak rolled his shoulders and sighed. Everything seemed to be falling into place; the attack on Helgen, the dragon at the watchtower, and now the Greybeards were aware of his presence. It was like a machine that had been thrown into motion, and there was no stopping it.

He shook his head and turned from the town was coming to life. The citizens had already begun their day. He rubbed the back of his neck, his head pounding from lack of sleep and over exertion. He nearly jumped when he heard his name from behind him. He turned to see a guard. Revak remembered him as Hadvir, the one Irileth had sent back to the city earlier.


Revak gave a soft smile, "I guess that'd be me then?"

"The Jarl has requested your presence," Hadvir said shortly.

Revak's smile disappeared from his face, "Very well then." He followed the guard to the palace. When he arrived he found the Jarl, Irileth, and a man in heavy armor in a heated discussion with the steward. The steward held up his hand and approached Revak, "Good, you're finally here. The Jarl has been waiting for you."

The Jarl continued speaking with the armored man, "You heard the summons. What else could it mean?" He shook his head in reverence, "The Greybeards..." he stopped when he noticed Revak standing there.

The man in armor stepped forward, his eyes on Revak, "We were just talking about you. My name's Hrongar, brother needs a word with you."

Silence, then the Jarl sat down, "So," he began, never taking his eyes off Revak, "what happened at the watch tower, was the dragon there?"

"I think you already know, my Jarl," Revak said stiffly.

"When we arrived at the watchtower we found it already had been attacked by the dragon. The beast returned a few moments later," Revak paused, "It was destroyed and the watchtower was saved."

Bulgraaf nodded in awe, "I knew I could count on Irileth, but there must be more than that."

Revak hesitated as he formed the words, "I'm Dragonborn."

The Jarl's eyes grew wide, "Dragonborn? What do you know about the Dragonborn?"

"Enough it seems," Revak said steadily.

"So it's true," the Jarl said as he shook his head, "I can't believe it. Can you shout?" Revak nodded.

"By the gods," Hrongar said, shaken, "a Dragonborn!"

The steward stepped forward, shaking his head, "Hrongar, calm yourself: What does any of this Nord nonsense have to do with our friend here?"

"Excuse me?" Revak almost growled, "As a Nord I think this 'Nord nonsense' has quite a lot to do with me, Imperial" Shocked the steward closed his mouth and said no more. Good, Revak thought, I've had enough of this sorry man for a lifetime.

Balgruuf could hardly hold back his smile, "It's all right, Avenicci, but I think we Nords hold our own traditions and history a little more important than an Imperial would. I think its best you return to your quarters." The steward nodded and backed away. Inside, Revak smiled, he could almost see the Imperial's tale hanging between his legs in defeat.

The three Nords were silent, it was Revak who spoke first, "The Greybeards have called me to their mountain. I cannot refuse their summons."

The Jarl stared at Revak, "I know, Dragonborn, I know. I envy you, you know. To climb the seven thousand steps again," he paused, lost in thought, "I made the pilgrimage once, did you know that?"

"No, my lord, I didn't."

The Jarl smiled, "Go to High Hrothgar, Dragonborn, and see the Greybeards. But first," he stood, and drew the silver sword at his belt, "kneel."

Revakkaal knelt before the Jarl and bowed his head as the Jarl stood before him with his blade at his side, "You've done a great service for my city, Dragonborn," he then laid his sword on Revak's shoulder, "By my right, as Jarl of Whiterun, I name you, Revakkaal," he moved the blade to Revak's other shoulder, "Thane of Whiterun. You may stand, my Thane."

Revak nodded, "Thank you, my Jarl."

Balgruuf smiled, "It is the greatest honor I can give you. Also," he then reached into his robes, and offered a small silver key to Revak. Revak took it and studied it; it was obviously a house key. "There is a home available here in the city. I'd like you to have it. It's called Breezehome. You'll find it furnished and ready for you."

"Thank you, my Jarl," Revak said as he pocketed the key and smiled, "it is a generous gift, truly, thank you."

"I have also taken the liberty to appoint you a housecarl."

"Housecarl, my lord?"

"Yes," Balgruuf nodded, "I've appointed Lydia as your personal housecarl. She will guard your home and yourself if the need arise."

"Again thank you, my Jarl," Revak bowed.

The Jarl smiled, "Go, rest and prepare for your journey to the Greybeards. May the Divines guard you, Dragonborn." Revak smiled, If you only knew.

Hrongar bowed to Revak, "It was an honor meeting you, Dragonborn."

With another bow Revak made his exit. He made his way to his new home, though he was not eager to arrive. It was most likely that Lydia was there already. He did not want to approach her so soon after she'd questioned him. Part of him wished that he could have chosen his own housecarl. Instead he turned and made his way to the Bannered Mare.

The tavern was fairly crowded despite the early hour. As he made his way to the counter he accidentally bumped into someone, spilling their drink across their front. "Xuth," the deep gray Argonian cursed as he began to brush off the liquid from his leather armor.

"Sorry," Revak said, "I didn't see you there."

The Argonian was busy drying off his armor, "Ah it'sss no trouble stranger. I-" the Argonian stopped, his jaw nearly dropping at the sight of Revak, "You! You're the one everyone's talking about!"

Revak raised his brow, "I'm sorry?"

The Argonian smiled and held out his scaled hand, "You're the one that killed the dragon!" Revak shook his hand half halfheartedly, "To kill a dragon!" the Argonian continued, "Who knew such a thing could be done!"

Revak smiled and nodded, "And now that we know they can be defeated."

Revak left the Argonian and made his way to the bar. He never made it, instead a gauntleted fist collided with his skull. He was knocked back. His eyes searched for the source of the blow, and he saw Lydia in front of him. She was still in her armor. Her fist still hanging in the air. Revak straightened himself. He felt a new cut on his face from her gauntlet. He wiped the fresh blood from his cut on his nose and stared at her, "Nice hit," he said as he inspected his blood on his hand, "I never saw it coming. Although I don't think you should treat your Thane in such a way."

With two long strides she closed the gap between them. Her face was inches away from his and her eyes were brown and fierce. Lydia poked Revak hard in the chest with her index finger, "You knew," she said, accenting both words with sharp pokes to Revak's chest. A crowd had gathered around them, silent witnesses to Lydia's rage.

Revak gently pushed her away, only to, once again, be stuck in the nose. Revak gingerly touched his nose, confirming it wasn't broken, "I'm sorry," he said softly to her so that only she could hear, "but once again this isn't the time, or place."

"When will it be," she scoffed, "my Thane?" she said, adding venom to the last word.

Revak shook his head, "Follow, then," he said as he turned toward the door. The heavy footfalls behind him told him that she was, indeed, following.

In silence they made their way to Breezehome. Along the way Revak was trying to think of a way to explain himself to Lydia without giving away too much information. At the same time, though, he wished for someone to confide in, someone who knew who he was and what his mission was. He gave a mental sigh as they turned the corner, with Lydia now leading the way. Revak followed while still deep in thought, I can't do this alone, but can I trust her. Would she even believe me? He thought as they neared a large house just off the street, She is sworn to my service, and she is honorable. She would keep any secret, whether it be that I'm a god, or that I'm a madman. In that moment, he decided to confide in her everything. If she believed him then she would most likely follow him into Oblivion itself. If she didn't believe him she would most likely think her Thane is a madman.

Hmm, he thought, but what if I don't have to tell her the whole truth? He could simply say he was sent by the gods, not that he was one. What if he was sent by Talos? And not that he was Talos. It might just work, "Thane?" he heard her say as she opened the door.

"Sorry," he said, shaking himself free from thought. He entered the home, muttering thanks as he entered. The house was nice, but it was nothing glorious. At the entrance a fire was already glowing brightly in the hearth. In the back there was a closet, kitchen and dining area. Upstairs was the living quarters with a master bedroom for him and a smaller room for Lydia.

With a sigh and a roll of his shoulders he entered the dining area. He began to remove the more limiting pieces of armor, his helmet, gauntlets, and sword belt he laid on the table. He breathed deeply once he was free of the extra weight and joined Lydia at the hearth. He motioned for her to sit, but she remained standing. He grabbed the fire iron and started adjusting the logs. They stood in silence, the only sound being the cracks of the fire.

After a time Lydia broke the silence, "Who are you?"

Revak's focused on the fire, "Would you like the short or long version?"

"I want the truth."

Grinding his teeth, Revak began, "My name is Revakkaal, but I'm not exactly from Cyrodiil." he watched her closely for any reaction. "But I am Dragonborn," he explained, "and I've known this for a very long time."

Lydia's stare was unwavering, "Who are you?"

Revak sighed, "I can't exactly tell you."

She scowled, "What?"

"What I can tell you," he said as he took a step back, "is that I'm here to save Skyrim, no," he corrected himself, "not just Skyrim... I'm here to save all of Nirn from a threat that only a Dragonborn can prevent." Lydia stood silent as stone as he continued, "I'm here to stop the end of the world."