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Oh, hey pipz.
I forgot to let you guys know that version 12 of the game's available for download on the first post.
It only offers bug fixes though, so if you already beaten the game (I mean, finished the -real- ending (The End of Time) ), then there's no reason for you to switch to version 12.

And oh, LoG won the 2011 HotY competition.
Not that you care anyway...



Quote originally posted by alienhunterx:
Thanks for coming back after a pause.. and for my long awaited question...
You're welcome, and sorry if it took me so long to reply. =/
My life's a heck atm...

Quote originally posted by Shenzai:
So I've got a problem. When I got to the aircraft, I lost the first battle and got sent to a corner north of Guardia Town, and the rock gives me the option of going to Breezy Island or entering the Aircraft.
Well... The island is deserted and there is nothing to do there, and the aircraft has no one on it, but i was able to fight 3 invisible people. The event is not there though. What do I do?
I don't think I've encountered this glitch before, or anyone else.
I remember when I was still scripting that part, I even tried to lose to them, but nothing game-breaking happened to me.
I can assume it's your ROM having the problem...
I can only advice you to download another Ruby ROM from somewhere and try to patch it.

Quote originally posted by bleh123:
I think Vessel, Giratina and Zah might be a bit overpowered...either that or I should have trained my pokemon harder, because I reached that part with my two strongest pokemon being level 46 and 50.
I came there and my highest was lvl 48 (I didn't brought with me Suvir/Dohydra/Sprizzle)...
And yeah, they are really overpowered... xD
Unfortunately, I intended it to be that way, since LoG is the final game of the Ruby Destiny series. =/

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