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Alexis laughed happily as Len began running faster, holding on tightly with her ears pressed down against her head. She glanced back at the group as they passed it, looking forwards again. She could start to see what might very well be the swamp.

She gave Len’s head a little pat, speaking up as she tried to get the sound of her voice through the rushing of the wind moving past them. “Don’t get too far from the group! I can’t leave Daniel on his own!”

Daniel still smiled cheerfully after having witnessed Alexis enjoying herself so much. With Mark’s Pokémon no less. “Yeah, I think they’ll be great friends. It’s nice to see her this happy.” He then turned his head to watch Mark as he continued to explain himself.

He opened his mouth to reply to it when Killik moved up next to them and asking them what they were talking about. Daniel gave a wave and a smile. “Hey Killik. We’re talking about Mark going to the mountains later on to try and catch himself a ground Pokémon. Which I by the way think is a great idea. You could even get a steel one, if you were lucky. And yeah, Len might have a move that’s effective against them, but you need to remember that he himself is still kind of weak to electric types. I’ve done the same with Alexis.”

He smiled knowingly, lifting a hand to tap the side of his nose. “You can never be too careful when it comes to fighting someone else, best be prepared for anything, if you can. And in regards to what you’d catch… uhm. Well, you could either go up there and have a look… or ask around the academy, see who knows what kinds of Pokémon are up there.”

Daniel gave a small nod, more to himself than anyone else. He had actually wanted to get himself a new Pokémon for a while.. but he wasn’t sure if he was ready. He had the Pokéballs, but he’d never caught a Pokémon before. A small frown painted his lips without him realizing as he looked slightly into the ground, continuing to trot along.
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