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Just requoting because I ended up getting the last post before the next page so I don't know if anyone saw it..? (hopefully that won't happen again for this post..) If anyone can help, I'd be most grateful!

Originally Posted by Harminia View Post
Hi, apologies in advance if this is a completely dumb question that's been answered countless times. I've looked at heaps of tutorials and looked around for anything with the same problem but I can't really find anything that's specifically like mine.
So, this is my first time editing a ROM, I'm editing Ruby version.
I'm trying to put in edited sprites for the gym leaders in unLZ. I've followed the tutorials about how indexing it, finding free space, fixing the pointers.
And I can get one gym sprite showing up fine.

but if I try and import more than one leader's sprite they start messing up. The colours go crazy or if I'm on pokenav the page won't load at all and freezes.

I have no idea what to do. I thought maybe I had to put the in free space that was far away from eachother, but that doesn't seem to help.
Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong? The first time I add a new sprite is perfectly fine, but I don't know what's happening the second time to make it mess up round when I'm doing the exact same process.

(I'd give images but I have to make 15 posts beforehand, and to be honest I only joined the site to see if I can get help with this + I'm too distracted to go out and post right now + I'm not sure if I'm allowed to bypass it by putting in spaces in links or if that's against the rules)