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Originally Posted by FrostPhoenix
It seems to me that we are slowly spiralling towards a state of mind where we talk about why Christians are wrong
I don't think that's an intentional direction anybody is steering in, but to be honest in a group of atheists you have to expect that there will be talk about why we think religious people are wrong lol. There will be agreement among us, because we are all from the same lack of faith. That's not at all to say we discourage discussion, but you have to be wary that that's what will happen sometimes, no matter what the topic. We can't help that, it's just realistically what will happen when any group of like-minded people come together.

However! In answer to your plea for a new topic...

Originally Posted by FrostPhoenix
But I still don't think that was what God intended. But no Bible verses I kno of.
I find what you say here interesting. It's been well-established that gay isn't something people choose. That's not a matter of opinion, it is simple fact. Therefore, we can conclude that homosexuality is not a product of free will. So if we aren't choosing to be gay, and it was also not something that God intended, then how does homosexuality exist at all?

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