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Originally Posted by Sector Revenge View Post

Which Legendary Pokemon disappoints you in terms of:
1) Design

2) Storyline
3) Power/Strength
Interesting! Design wise there are a lot that I don't like, but I think most disappointing is Jirachi. It had the potential to be soooo cute, but they ruined it by making it constantly have those annoying tear marks under it's eyes; I can't find it cute after that :( Story line... Pretty much every event-exclusive Pokemon tbh. Excluding those, I found Virizion/Terrakion boring since they had no real story or explanation bar one guy in a cave... As for power, I barely ever use legendaries in battle, but I've always thought that Cresselia should be a lot more useful that it is; based on its stats/moves it should have a lot of potential :3
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