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Quote originally posted by Scarf:
So there is this video a friend suggested I watched yesterday and after watching it I thought I ought to sign up for this club.

This is the video: "Why Are You Atheists So Angry?"

I normally don't care to call myself an atheist or agnostic because I feel religion means so little to me I shouldn't even bother, but I've been reminded of the power that anger can have. And all the reasons I should be angry.

Interesting video, at first I thought it was going to be anti-athiest rather than an ironic talk.

Although most of her examples are specific examples of (what I hope) is a very small minority of Theists. However, an alarmingly high amount of this type of religious-people in positions of power in the US - Land of the free? Whilst I realise much worse things happen in Islamic countries, but the similar problem is religion holds the majority, and so gets the final say.

I'm glad that in the UK religion has a much smaller presence, at least during election times the religion of the front runners isn't normally mentioned. Saying this, we do have problems still, more with individuals than government - for example the Nigerian (?) pair who killed their younger cousin as he wet the bed, so they thought he was possessed.

Is that a problem for Religion or for a clash of Culture though? Where is the line drawn.


The topic of Aliens has been mentioned, I always thought that the existence of aliens contradicted the bible and therefore stricter christian's beliefs, as all as the creation stories from other religions. If we found evidence of alien life, what would happen to religion? Do you think it would just be included to explain Alien life as 'God's Plan' or do you think there would be a surge in Athiesm? (Or Scientology... Oh no.)
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