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''Sure Snype, I'll see you later!'' Flora called out and gave a small wave as Snype went on his trainer's shoulder. Seeing as both Pokémon and humans were starting to pack up and get ready to move out to the swamps, she went over to Oscar, who was busy collecting his belongings. He quickly got up from his seat and ran after the group to catch up.

After catching up with the others and keeping the same pace as them, Oscar decided to let out the rest of his team. He threw two Pokéballs up in the air, revealing a Misdreavus and a Meditite. He explained the whole situation and urged them to stay close to the group, receiving a nod from all three. With a big grin on his face, Oscar continued to the swamps, getting lost in his own thoughts.

Flora and Arya was playing and chatting away while Meden had decided to walk next to Oscar, taking in the environment. The swamps...didn't really sound like a good place to go around in. He would smell awful for at least a week. Glancing around, he noticed Snype being on Mark's shoulder. Hmm...wonder if he could do that. Well, only one way to find out. The Meditite jumped up and landed on Oscar's shoulder, the kid almost toppling over by the suddenness. Oscar straightened himself up before giving Meden an odd look, then breaking into a small laugh. That was a first...Meden had never done that before. Deciding to just shrug it off, he continued forward.
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