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“Hey, you! Krystal!! Kris!!” Krystal nearly jumped at the sound of a man yelling at her brother and her. Who could it be? Who even knew them here besides those gathered around her? Krystal turned to the voice, and was startled to see not a man approaching, but a girl.

“Um, hello,” the girl said as she approached. “Can . . . can I please talk to you two?”

“H-hi? Who are you?” Krystal stuttered, confused.

“Hm . . . ,” Kris murmured as he studied the girl. Krystal glanced at him, wondering what he was thinking.

“She have some weird personality disorder?” Krystal whispered to Destiny, although she probably didn’t have the whole ‘quiet enough to not be overheard’ thing down.

“Or,” Kris said, “is she an Atlantean?”

Krystal blinked and stared at her brother. “Excuse me? What are you-“

“Don’t tell me it’s not obvious? Strange girl walks up to us, speaking in two totally different voices, asks to talk to us by name even though we’re technically on vacation, so no one around should know who we are, and we were also just going over whether we were going to go to the Atlantean Center or not; although you were the only one that needed any convincing.” Krystal stared at her brother, dumbfounded. Even if he was wrong, he had kind of already reached the point of no return.

“So, the question boils down to this; who are you?” Destiny asked, giving the girl a hard stare. If Krystal was confused about what had just happened so quickly, then the other girl must have felt like they were speaking another language. At least, Krystal hoped so, that way she wouldn’t be alone.


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