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Originally Posted by Takbir View Post
Username: Takbir (Feel free to call me Tak)
What do you think of Dark-Type Pokemon: They have are designed the best and have the most interesting descriptions. Also Zoroark is such a troll with illusion.
Your partners: Zoroark timid nature and Spiritomb modest nature.
What Types rule:Dragon Dark
Dark types pwn all.

As for the topic discussion:
• What is your favorite Dark-Type?:Zoroark
• When did you start liking your Favorite Dark Pokemon?:Ever since i saw the zoroark movie and its awesome illusion
• Favorite Dar-Type Move?:Night Daze
• Which is the most Underrated?: Drapion.

Anybody do battles in this club?
Welcome! And yes,

I have a battle team ready on 4th Gen, Im still working on a decent 5th Gen team, but would be happy to give it a go either way.

PM me for times/terms
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