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Seriously, what's with the spoilers? :c

The story is quite weird. And different. Very, very different. I can't help but wonder where the logic is in this story. He wants to kill his boss? Okay, I guess that's kind of sensible. I mean, who doesn't? But it's a tad extreme. Next, it's the fact that he's a human and any Pokemon can launch a Hyper Beam or Water Gun at him and he's screwed. Super heroes? Those are your justice trainers or whatever. Come on, trainers take down Team Rocket. Not even the police seem to do their job, so ten year olds with a Squirtle travel around and beat up a crime syndicate. For a person to run around with a flamethrower? What's the good in that in a Pokemon world? It would be slightly more plausible if this story took place in the real world, if at all.

And I'm wondering where the plot actually comes in. He's a lunatic who wants to save the world, whatever. Not my problem. Where's the adversity? People trying to chase him down?

One more question, what kind of idiot is mugging a person in front of Silph Co.? It's obviously populated there and quite a busy street with all the employees coming and going, so I guess you're implying that he sees the mugging way before Silph Co.
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