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"Wake up Hoenn trainer!" Mr. Briney yelled, shocking Kyleia awake, "We got here during the night, and I decided to sleep as well. Now, it's morning and you should get along now." Kyleia hopped onto the deck and watched as Mr. Briney prepared to leave. "Here," Mr. Briney said, tossing a loaf of bread to Kyleia, "Eat something." Then, he left and Kyleia waved goodbye. She walked to the town, taking a bite out of the bread every so often.

As she approaches the town, she hears a voice yelling out, "...with the rules and warnings!" Rules and warnings, Kyleia thought, This is important! She started to run to the town. "... Rule one, do not conduct your survival battles in this town for any purpose. Those caught fighting will be disqualified from Earth and Sky for life and their badge components will be distributed amongst other trainers at random all over the world. For those leaving Lethia to conduct survival battles in jhoto, unova, where ever you go, this rule applies to every town out there in those regions as well. We have agents and eyes where we need them, so don't think you won't get caught... Rule two, you will not kill another trainer and his or her Pokemon for the sake of obtaining the completion of your badge, the current elites are watching this island for such behavior and dispose of any culprit who attempts to do so to the authorities... Rule three, attempting to steal badge pieces from your opponents is not entirely acceptable, we will not stop you from such thefts, but be aware that you will not grow from the experience. This league is setup for survival and to become stronger while attempting to fight for the one wish to be granted, if you do not fight for your badges; then you will not survive your first rounds when you arrive to the finals... Rule four is to survive out there anyway possible. Lethia is filled with pokemon who are very territorial, so proceed lightly at risk. If you lack knowledge of what to eat or what to find, the poke mart here sells survival guide books based on Lethia. That book is also the only item the vendors should give to you freely if you visit them... Last minute notes before you leave out into the world. Your cellphones, pokegears, radios and other devices are usable out here until 8 o' clock when the radio tower closes down for the night, if you have family you want to call or want the time to relax, do it before then. GPS systems are useless here in Lethia, the mountain environment in the region are magnetized to throw those machines signals to satellites off course so you will need a physical map which you can get from me or the mart here in town. The only reason your radios and other machines will work is because of the radio tower here that connects to the world out there, so don't monkey around when using anything that deals with the tower... Finally, your league badge is composed of 15 components. If you lose all your pieces, you can buy more from the vendors or you can leave the tournament and re-enter next year. If you can't handle the pressure, sell or give your components to another trainer. If you have human friends in the tournament, join up with them in an alliance or team if able, the more of you together, the better chances you have to live, just be aware that when you make it to the final rounds that you will be fighting one another. Don't let that fight break you apart, for that they may be the only people you hold dear to yourself along with your pokemon, stay strong together if you can. My final words are that I pray for your safety and that each of you may make it to the finals alive. Your league badges will point the way to the finals as soon as you complete them."

All Kyleia remembered was to not fight in towns and to not lose your badge pieces. Then he said something about the spring conferences and she tuned out. Whatever, she thought and walked into the Pokemon Center. She looked around the building and decided to lounge there for a while to figure out what she should do. She decided to use her Pokenav, but then she remembered that the man also said something about using electrical devices. "Stupid rules," she muttered, but didn't access her Pokenav just in case.


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