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Originally Posted by strikekira View Post
Metapod, i have a problem in progressing the game.
Like i said in the previous posts, I can't seem to get "mom" to talk about me winning 8 badges & go to oak. And Oak just asks me if i want to keep a pokemon with him.. I know i am suppose to see oak and gary sitting in the ground floor.. But oak is on top..
Also, I've finished the slowpoke evolution & pikuhuma events, but dragonite doesn't appear.. Any ideas what problem i am facing?
You haven't moved around any Bad Eggs in your Storage Box, have you?
Otherwise, I'm not really sure. If you beat the Viridian Gym and the Gym collapsed, then you went down Route 1 and battled Mr. Mime, then the mother event should activate, and that should activate the Prof. Oak/Gary event.
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