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Ribibin Triss - Markus

Ribibin finished eating and went out into the great hall to wait for the meeting to begin. When she saw the commanders come down from the stairs, she followed them into the meeting room as she was supposed to. She exchanged a simple nod as a greeting with a few of the other knights, but otherwise just sat down quietly in a spot where she could clearly hear and see Maverick. The Grovyle who was their glorious commander. Pfft. He was just a man like the rest of them. But titles meant a lot. She looked around to see Caedmon stand near him. The Lucario was different than other men, somehow. Ribibin actually respected him.

"Greetings fellow Knights," Maverick began. He took off his helmet carefully, making sure not to pull on his leaf. "We have a mission straight from the Orator himself. We have been informed of the location of an enclave."

Ribibin heard some diffuse groaning. She didn't utter a single noise though. She knew why some knights weren't happy with the orders. There had been times when they had been walking for days to reach a place where an enclave was supposed to be - only to find that the rumors had simply been rumors.

"The enclave is named 'Kanto'," Maverick continued. "The informant told said that it is underground and can only be accessed by a large hole dug into the earth. We are to head out as soon as possible and go north. At this point I open up discussion, does anyone have any questions?"

Large hole into the earth, hm? Ribibin didn't like to be underground. It made her feel uncomfortable and made her skin creep a little when she was in small areas. She liked open skies or at least large rooms. Like the halls of the Council building, actually. She had no real questions, none that she would pose here in front of everyone, at least. She was a woman and she knew her place. Women who spoke up too much too often got in trouble... more or less directly.

“Are we to create groups when we reach the approximate area of this… hole, and look for the entrance?" a familiar voice said. It was Caedmon. Of course he had some opinions on how the thing would be organized. "It would widen the area we can search and lessen the time we would have to spend, whether this entrance is there or not.”

Before Maverick could respond, someone interrupted them. How rude, Ribibin's first thought was. She stretched her neck a bit to see who spoke up. It was the Mienshao, Ludo. A lower ranked Commander. Still higher ranked than Ribibin though. Eons higher.

"Before we even continue these discussion, I am going to ask if all of us, even the three Knight-Commanders are required to join you? I mean, we all could and are willing, but isn't it a bit exaggerated to send out us three at once? This enclave may even be a product of an overactive imagination."

The Weavile couldn't let that pass unnoticed. She blinked and stared at the Mienshao. Wasn't he supposed to be brave and wise? Here he sounded like a lazy bastard. He probably wanted to stay at home lazying around instead of joining the squadrons that marched towards a new failure. Ribibin wanted to say something rather nasty now... but she managed to sit quiet. Her face probably looked a little strained and annoyed though. She hoped that Caedmon or someone didn't notice.
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