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Originally Posted by Bolens View Post
In need of a Storyliner to continue the Story that was originally made. If you are able, and want to help, then please post your application here. Thanks.

I'll go look for the files.


In retrospect, writing the dialogue was a lot of work and I doubt I'll be able to dedicate that kind of time to this hack in the future, as I am currently looking for work IRL and will have to dedicate much of my time to my job in the event that I find one. Feel free to use the storyline and whatever dialogue I already sent. I'm more than willing to consult whoever gets picked to replace me as the actual dialogue writer (or whatever the title is), but I don't want to see any of the dialogue itself because I don't want to get too caught up in the nuances of your writing style. Mostly I'd just be there to clarify certain things about the characters and my original intentions. I'll email Bolens all of the documents I have, and after that, I'm going to begin writing the story and dialogue for my own hypothetical hack, with which SH can help when the time comes, if you all so choose.
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