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Quote originally posted by Mister_No_Name:
Hm...I tried to evolve my kirlia.. male lvl 21. I thought it was like in the reign of legends version that it had to have a higher attack than the defense stat but it didn't evolve. If it was like in reign of legends than it should have evolved as it has 24 attack and 23 defense, shouldn't it? thx in advance
Sorry to disappoint you, but there's no Gallade in LoG.

Quote originally posted by alawrence:
How do I download this rom?
Download the patch, and then search for a ROM through Google.

Quote originally posted by Shenzai:
I sent it but there's no message in my sent folder? In case it actually didn't send, I attached it to this post and hopefully that worked.
It seems to be an undiscovered glitch.
I'll try and study it for now, if I can spare enough time.
For now, the only option you have to continue the game is through the Normal Mode of the game.
Enter the aircraft and go to the hole on the wall.

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