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Here we go!

Name: Aedan Karter
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Gym Type: Fire

Species: Arcanine
Gender: Male
Level: 48
Attacks: Wild Charge, Extremespeed, Flare Blitz, Sunny Day, Overheat, Solar Beam

Species: Houndoom
Gender: Female
Level: 45
Attacks: Foul Play, Shadow Ball, Fire Blast, Hyper Beam, Rest, Dream Eater

Species: Charizard
Gender: Female
Level: 47
Attacks: Flamethrower, Air Slash, Outrage, Fly, Blast Burn, Rock Slide

Species: Typhlosion
Gender: Male
Level: 44
Attacks: Lava Plume, Earthquake, Extrasensory, Giga Impact, Flame Wheel, Double Edge

Appearance: Although Aedan is average in height at 5'8'', his slim body somewhat elongates him. Aedan's keeness of the outdoors shows in his tanned skin and toned body, but he is not overly muscular. His jet black hair sits untidily on his head, flopping carelessly into his eyes. Aedan wears a casual smile and often sports stubble on his chin, as he only will shave when the thought occurs to him. His eyes are a shimmering grey, which are fascinating to look at.
Aedan doesn't dress to impress, but simply dons a style that suits his casual nature. His preferred attire is a white t-shirt with a simple thin, black, collared jacket. His Pokeballs are kept at the waist of his loose-fitting jeans, and on his feet he wears hard-wearing black boots.

Personality: Aedan is, to put it quite simply, cool. Very rarely angered or agitated, Aedan will take everything as it comes, and his appeasing nature is infectious. It is this precise nature which makes Aedan the perfect trainer for fire-type Pokemon; his calming effect on his Pokemon allows them to reach the true potential of the Fire element, without the temperament usually associated with it. Aedan is incredibly laid back and easy-going, and so he is considered approachable by everyone in town. Although able to take things seriously if the situation called for it, Aedan will see the fun in everything. Although not particularly competitive, Aedan enjoys thunderous battles and adventure; he will often leave his Gym to find action elsewhere when there is a lull in the town.
Aedan, who often disappears to a world of his own, can seem aloof. He will often appear distracted, and can be too absent-minded to remember to do simple, everyday things. However, he will give his full attention to anyone requiring it, usually accompanied by a cheeky smile and a wink. He is well respected despite his youth, as his abilities as a trainer are not overlooked by the townspeople.

History: Aedan grew up in Ecruteak City, and was fed the legend of Ho-Oh throughout his childhood. His interest in Fire type Pokemon was initiated as a child, and by the age of 13 he had visited Cinnabar Island and allowed his love for them to grow. Being a monotype trainer meant that Aedan had very little interest in beating the Elite Four, and so he sought another way to stoke the fire deep in his belly. Concluding that becoming a Gym Leader would satisfy his needs, Aedan looked for a place to settle. He moved to the Zivito Region, but swore that he would not allow himself to stop seeking adventure whenever possible.

Other: Oh, yes. Diet Dr. Pepper.
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